And they said iDo

There is no app for this kind of wedding perfection.
Susie and Chris met, courted, and got engaged in a way our parents could never have imagined. You should really check out their proposal story here. It involves iPhones, Twitter, lobster mac and cheese and other things that would have baffled my Grandmothers.

But I think I am getting sidetracked… Let me get back to the Saturday afternoon in question. Susie had everything exquisitely planned. My work(play?)day started with a perfect dress.

And one of the sweetest 1st looks ever. I even teared up.

They were just so ready and perfect together.

And her dress rocked.

We headed to the Boston Public Library steps for photos of family. Check out Dad trying to hold it together here.

So sweet.

I feel I need to take a moment to comment on the colors. Check out the purple and yellow.

perfection is often in the details.

I should also mention how awesome it is to work with great 2nd shooters. While I am snapping photos of the ladies, Sarah was busily getting nifty shots I would have not been able to capture.


Oh yes, and Mitzi got to glam it up too.

After some fun photos we headed over to the Apple store. To understand why, you would have to know a little about Chris’s Apple obsession, but if you have an iPhone, you likely understand a little…

After taking some photos outside, I figured we may as well go in. The stairs are pretty darn cool.

There was some applause for the couple and we headed to the ceremony.

I don’t even know where to start with the food. It was pretty spectacular. Which shouldn’t be a surprise as Susie and one of her bridesmaid’s Chelsee are the creators of the awesome Boston based food blog We Are Not Martha
iHope to get to post more photos soon. Until then, I know that Susie and Chris are having a great Honeymoon and eating well!

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