leaf project failure and or fiber

We have been spending a lot of time with the kids outdoors the last few days when it hasn’t been raining. There are so few days left in RI to get outside without loosing the feelings in our extremities.
I found this project posted on a blog I really enjoy about a DIY craft for a Leaf Alphabet based on an idea from Martha Stewart’s site found here:
Martha's leaf project
So I thought to myself- I can absolutely get my kids to sit and create these… Dunedin is totally into letters right now and Griffin, well, he likes to eat leaves… (He’s just adding fiber to his diet, right?) Sigh.
There is this little voice I sometimes hear in my head when it comes to parenting or crafting ideas and she was giggling “What are you thinking?” more than once during our attempt at leaf collection. So I have no stunning photos of our leaf project where the kids could show off their knowledge of the animal kingdom by making echidnas and narwhals out of leaves.
That little voice is snickering at the last sentence.
Leaf fun
LEaf play
Instead we shifted gears and played a very successful matching game while walking though the woods. One of us would find a leaf and we would all have to match the tree it came from. Or Griffin would eat them. Which ever came first.
But fun was had by all in the end.

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