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      Born into a family of artists, engineers and creative types, at a young age I was introduced to the world of film, light and color . As a child, I would sit for hours on the hardwood floors of my grandfather’s studio and marvel at the small pieces of paper that brought to life the story of generations and transported me to lands far away. When I began sour lemonsto explore the wilds of world at large, my camera   became the perfect   instrument  to document  relationships and   environments of other   cultures. It captured the affair between a  fisherman in  Thailand and the sea  he   fished  and the way a  Malaysian   Family enjoyed a  Saturday morning outing in the  marketplace. As an adult, I once  again found  my free time spent  pouring over the art and techniques of fine photography. My career in Art and Technology education along with the inspiration from teaching children and adults began to compliment my photography skills. In June of 2003, it was apparent that I was destined to turn to photography as a career. While preparing for a trek through the mountains of Peru, I was confronted with the choice of packing a telephoto lens or an extra ration of food. Even though my husband’s stomach reflexively grumbles whenever he looks at those pictures, I have never regretted my decision to follow my passion.

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Tobia Imbier


Photography by Tobia Imbier
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